Thursday, July 21, 2005

Try It, You'll Like It

If you run on a treadmill that has a TV screen, try running tuned in to OLN, which broadcasts the Tour de France in the afternoons. I like to pretend, as I run with the motorcade's camera perspective, that all those spectators are cheering for me. Even better, I like to pretend I can run at "incredible speeds!" (a la Chris Farley in Tommy Boy). The only drawback is that sometimes I begin to think I'm actually on the curving road and I bump into the sides of the treadmill. It also is not so great when the cyclists are climbing the Alps. But try it, you'll like it.

Here's my running partner, good ol' Lance, and a teammate.

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myevilterran said...

I loooove the Tour de France. I've been hooked since last year. I check the website every day: