Friday, August 05, 2005

Further Evidence of Said Geekiness...and HP re: AsAms

I love Luna Lovegood.

This is a sample from a web site I find strangely irresistable: The Potter Puffs.

In other news, I have just read that Cho Chang in movie #4 has a "heavy accent". If we're not talkin' Scottich accent then that makes this ALAG hella pissed. I was so glad that J. K. Rowling created an Asian character who 1) speaks English as her first language 2) does not know any martial arts and 3) is not described as "exotic". If lame-ass movie producers have slapped her with an Asian accent all I have to say is: oh for fuck's sake.

After looking up Katie Leung (the actress for Cho), I am pretty horrified at the level of ignorance and venom out there. Quote:

Hate Katie Leung sites have been established by jealous Potter fans, while chat sites last week ran hot with criticism of her looks and Asiatic background. "Katie is a beast. She looks like a monster, not the love interest of my Daniel Radcliffe!" said a correspondent on the Asian American Film chat site. -- The Sun-Herald

There have also been complaints about her ethnicity, i.e. if she's supposed to be Chinese why does she have a Korean surname. I never knew Cho was supposed to be Chinese - I always assumed she was Korean, knowing several Korean Changs. And the discussion could go on forever regarding the "motivation" behind the addition of Chang to HP:

Jealous online teens write in their thoughts in forums and ever-popular blogs, as well as popular Asian American watchdog websites like Angry Asian Man. Some Asian teens complain that Leung is "ugly," while other non-Asian fans are "jealous" that Harry Potter is kissing an Asian, though this is what happens in Harry Potter #5. Chang rarely speaks throughout the entire book series (until she is in a relationship with Harry Potter). She is always described as pretty and popular. One may ask: Is Rowling attempting to be politically correct by choosing an Asian as Harry's love interest? --Philippine News Online

Um, was the PC-motivation question asked of the Patil twins or Lee Jordan (not that they were romantically involved with Harry - that would be interesting...)? If not, then why ask it now? As for the "Cho-fits-a-stereotype-of Asian-girl" I think that just about ANY portrayal at this point will fit the bill of "stereotype." If she's pretty, we'll complain she's exoticized. If she's agressive, we'll say she's the Dragon Lady. If she's quiet, we'll say she's submissive. If she's smart, etc. etc. All I ask is that she speak without an Asian accent, perform no martial arts moves, stay out of a qi-pao, and, you know, doesn't turn into a dragon.


Tengu said...

Most of those who hate Katie Leung are jealous little girls (some racist). I wouldn't pay them much heed.

What did that random UCD student want instead of the stereotypical "light-skinned, skinny, smart"? Someone dark, fat and dumb?

As asians look so different, I wonder who they could have cast that would have appealed to everyone? (I was hoping for Lee Hyori. ^_^; )

noirah said...

Yeah, I can see why the fur would be flying over a hot piece of $%# like Daniel Radcliffe. Ya best watch out Ms. Leung, that pasty, lanky stud of a man-child is ours. You hear me?