Monday, March 27, 2006

Going to the Shire

I just finished booking our Coast to Coast walk across England! We'll be staring the 190 mile trek beginning of August, and I'll finally be able to fulfill my dreams of being a hobbit and walking for pleasure. This is how I imagine things:

We'll be following the route created by Alfred Wainwright - a crusty old English curmudgeon if there ever was one. We'll start at St. Bees by the Irish Sea and end at Robin Hood's Bay at the North Sea.

Now the real question is: who is Sam and who is Mr. Frodo?


noirah said...

I think it's fairly clear. After all, who booked the trip?

noirah said...

Sounds like an amazing adventure, by the way.

marianevans said...

Let's just hope M doesn't lose us in some fog. Or that we don't get captured by the Black Riders.

Victoria Winters said...

Damn! I'm jealous.