Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Asian Father's Day Cards

I think I've happened upon an untapped market. It dawned on me as I shopped for a Father's Day card that none were appropriate. I had to rule out:

Any card that says "I love you" or some mushy derivation thereof (1/3 of the cards)
Any card depicting white dads (another 1/3)
Any card with non-Asian dad humor (the remaining 1/3)

Possible messages for Asian Father's Day Cards could be:

"Dad, thanks for bankrolling my insanely expensive education."
"Dad, if you hadn't beat my ass all those times, who knows where I'd be today." (this is for my Korean friends)
"Even though I failed the MCAT, I know things will be better between us now that I'm in law school."
"Father, thank you for your rigid example of stoic piety and discipline."

I kid, I kid. Kind of. Thankfully, my dad isn't really guilty of the usual Asian-dad things, but I've heard enough stories to know.


Moltmannian said...

Dad, here's to all those things left unexpressed between us.//

Dad, I won't dishonor the family name. //

andrew said...

Dad I'm sorry I wasted so much food when I was young. I finally know better.