Thursday, September 14, 2006

On My Way [to a nervous breakdown]

Hey, I just googled my full name (narcissistically) and found that my thesis comes up on WorldCat - and is in 3 libraries! And, apparently, you can buy it for $9.80 from another site. Where are my royalties? And the site selling my thesis happens to have spelled my name incorrectly. Thus it begins, the confusion over my wacked-ass name.

But this is all to say that I will not finish my scholarly career because right now I am mired in translating Latin sentences that go:
"The queen of the island will not give the money to the poets."

And I am on the verge of having my brain implode because I have to give a presentation on Stoicism (yes, all of it) to the pantheon of New Testament gods. I am fucked. Fuckeo, Fuckere, Fuckivi, Fucketis.

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hap said...

School. Ugh. I hope your presentation went well! I will come visit soon! Soon! But this weekend, I'm taking the bus to NY to see BY in a play. A play!