Wednesday, March 21, 2007

God's Country

That's what my sister calls the San Francisco Bay Area, where my parents have their home. I call it the Promised Land. I'm trying not to mourn coming back from it to New Haven too much. Especially since there was a heat wave, so we enjoyed 70-80 degree weather the whole week we were out there.

The sun beaming down on my parent's fruit trees. Hobbit country.

Cafe two steps from the Pacific at Half Moon Bay.

Sandwich and Ocean tableaux

Happy man on Spring Break.

Aunt and niece. That used to be my bear :)

Duck dinner at my parents - both of whom bought roast duck that day without knowing the other did too. An embarassment of riches.

Speaking of food, and I love to, this is the generally acknowledged order of the best places for Chinese food in the world:

1) Hong Kong/Taiwan
2) Beijing
3) L.A.
4) San Francisco Bay Area
5) Toronto/Vancouver

Sometimes 5) is placed above 4) - but I'm pretty biased. Any disagreements?


hap said...

Can you really have Beijing / Hong Kong on that list if there, Chinese food is just food?

I guess it depends on what you think of Taiwan, too.

marianevans said...

Let's say we're using "Chinese food" as a heuristic category, in a globalized market economy where such distinctions become necessary.

I might not hesitate, though, to say that the same list shows the top five places for simply "food"!

Moltmannian said...

IMHO, in places like Taiwan or Beijing, Shanghai and HK, no food is "just food" or "simply food". I mean, in heaven, will we be able to call it "just food"? And since these places are many steps up the ladder to heaven culinary-wise, I think the same holds.