Thursday, June 07, 2007

Life on the Ranch

We've been out in Reno at Molt's mom's place, working like a coupla farm hands - clearing weeds, hauling stuff around, playing with the doggies, and howling at the coyotes. Our first day at work brought some excitement in the form of a 3-foot rattlesnack. After I washed my hands of the whole affair and told Molt I wouldn't take him to the hospital if he got bit, he went about killing the thing, with a shovel.

Don't look too close - it's a little gross. The head's somewhere on the ground. I guess there's some killing-masculinity-protector thing going on here. I was all for buying a snake trap, but that wasn't "manly" enough for Molt.

Safer fun with a tractor. Surprisingly easy to drive, by the way.

Goofing around with Lena, the adorable German shepherd.


victoria winters said...

Beheaded snake!? SICK.

Who's taken care of the boys?

marianevans said...

I purposely stayed the hell away when this was happening.