Sunday, September 09, 2007

Eating My Way through China: Beijing was Peking, but Duck is still Duck

Of course I'm going to write about food in China! What do you take me for? Let's begin at Beijing, where I was stranded with my sister and then with my sister & mom for a few days (my dad lost his passport the night before our flight!!). Luckily, we had Peking Duck to comfort us - and this was no ordinary duck...

We begin with pate de foie gras in gelee.

Then dry smoked duck in a nest of lettuce and fine fried noodles.

The main attraction follows: Peking Duck at its finest,
with crisp skin and lean meat.

The duck is eaten on thin crepes with the above accompaniments: (clockwise starting from top left) garlic puree, sugar, plum sauce, scallions, cucumber, radish. The bottom left dish holds sour pickled vegetables to clean one's palate. The sugar is eaten only with the skin alone. It is perfection.

Put all together, ready to be folded up and devoured.

Finished off with a soothing duck broth.

I like duck in all its manifestations - but Peking Duck has got be my favorite. Followed by foie gras.

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