Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Conversation With God

Even when kidnapped by my parents and flown to an island, I can still find web access. Which is a blessing and a curse. At any rate, maybe divine vibes are stronger here. As I tried to nap this afternoon, I had this very vivid dialogue with God. This almost never happens with me.

ME: I'm trying to nap, and I have this burning pain in my heart. Can you take it away so I can have some peace to sleep in?
G: Just hand it over to me. [I put an armful of something in God's hands.] I'll go set this down and we can have a talk. How does that sound?
ME: Yes, please.
G: Tell me what you're thinking.
[long dialogue]
ME: Can you please just do everything for me?
G: I'm not here to make your life easier.
ME: What? What about "My yoke is easy and my burden is light" and all that jazz? Are you just some sadistic voice in my head?
G: Life is not easy.
ME: [on my knees, in a pathetic voice] Please, please, please, just this once wave a magic wand.
G: Do you think I would alter the principles of this universe just to make your life easy, when all other people go through the difficulties of their lives?
ME: Maybe?
G: I'm not here to make your life easier. I'm here to make you stronger.
ME: Are you?
G: I am making you stronger all the time. Here, let's list all the people who love you.
[We create a list of names together.]
G: And best of all . . .
ME: You love me?
G: I love you. There is enough power in my love to make you fearless. You can always be confident because you will never stray from my love.
[Things are quiet for a while.]
ME: Wait, don't leave.
G: I'm not leaving. I am here. I am always here.
ME: It's just that we were kind of quiet.
G: I thought you wanted to nap.


Anonymous said...

Hi J- Thinking of you. Love your dream. -EW

Marian said...

It's nice to see God evincing a sense of humour :) - seriously, I'm really glad you had that dream ... and even if God is intent on strengthening you and not just carrying you, the fact that you had the dream at all means he's OK with carrying you just a little :).

I hope you're enjoying your parental kidnapping - what island did they take you to? (Wistfully picturing lots of bright green vegetation). I hope your Good Friday is a comforting one ("good" sounds stylistically unpleasing, doesn't it? But you know what I mean).

Jennifer said...

I hope my name made it on that list. Go take a nap, my friend.


Anonymous said...

absolutely brilliant.