Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Room of One's Own

I've spent the last week alone at my cousin's studio in Santa Cruz (except for one night when my sister joined me). I had no idea that living a solitary, autonomous life could be so invigorating for me right now. I actually went and bought groceries, cooked for myself, and had to answer to no one regarding how late I slept or how many episodes of the West Wing I watched on my laptop!

Please excuse the flowery pj's. Hey, what's the point
of getting away if you can't be in your pj's all day?

Hiking at Pogonip, a nature preserve right by UC Santa Cruz
- the campus, by the way, is set in a redwood grove.

Hiking at Wilder Ranch, right along the sea cliffs.

I found this cove at Wilder Ranch, down a little footpath to the beach,
nestled between two arms of a cliff. In a more adventurous mood,
I would stay overnight in it.

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Marian said...

Solitary can be veeery nice sometimes :). And frankly, your pajamas look downright respectable compared to mine!

I'm glad you enjoyed your getaway - any chance you'd want to visit the Rose of the Desert soon? (Totally understand if it's too far to go right now or anything, really - just thought I'd ask!)