Saturday, June 28, 2008

Michael Sowa

I know I've been quiet for a while, and, now that I'm finally posting again, I still don't know what to write. So, I'll amuse you with two paintings from German artist Michael Sowa, who has a knack for the whimsical and bizarre.

Is this not a hilarious yet slightly frightening image?
I love that the father and daughter look so incredibly asinine.

This is my favorite Sowa piece.
I have a little postcard of it on my bulletin board.

How did he get there? What does he think of his reflection?
The mystery remains unsolved.


Anonymous said...

That first one is ... odd. The creature looks like a Totoro gone bad. (I've got him on my mind since Daniel has become obsessed with that movie - "Mei! Mei hat! Mei sleep!")

BTW I'm sorry I haven't written or postcarded; been a lot going on - off-kilter health combined with very active toddler. Will improve, I swear!


victoria winters said...

Wonderful illustrations. I love the quiet moment caught in the second one.

marianevans said...

No worries, Marian. I know things can get crazy. Hope you're doing well! Daniel is too cute. I was in Japan at the Studio Ghibli museum and got to see a Totoro short with a room full of kids - it really is an experience. There was a collective "Totoro!" when he first showed up.

marianevans said...

VW - yes, but I worry that the bunny is going to get caught!