Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fun in Beantown

I'm just back from a conference in Boston, and tomorrow I head to California for Thanksgiving with my family. Here are just a few fun photos from Boston.

This is an Egyptian kitten mummy, at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

A Greek bowl, decorated with a painting of a boy fishing
- notice the octopus hiding out of sight.

A Chinese porcelain dog - Eastern Han Dynasty, 2nd C. AD. I love his mouth.

Me, in Cambridge's Colonial Drug Store - they have over 1,000 fragrances!

Okay, so it was really cold, and I discovered that the collar of my coat could button all the way up.
I was then told that I looked like the ironclad USS Monitor, from the Civil War. See below.

That's the Monitor, on the right, firing at the USS Merrimac (Confederate).
At least I look like the Union ship.

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