Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween, All Saints' Day, & Dia de los Muertos

I love these holidays, all having something to do with the dead, whether beatific or macabre.

Isn't he great? I got him at a little store in New Haven. I love Dia de los Muertos art and sugar skulls. Here he is, my skeleton angel, amongst some squash. Mmmmm, squash. Here are some more:

This year I had TWO costumes, one for my 5K race and one for a party. I needed something running friendly, so a black cat costume, which was pretty low maintenance, worked well.

This is me, after the race. I made sure to keep my race placket on, so when I walked back home I had some justification for being in costume a week before Halloween (it was a little embarrassing walking to the race in the morning and getting all sorts of stares).

And here's my pixie costume. Wings are really kinda cumbersome at a party. But fun!

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