Saturday, March 21, 2009

Eating My Way through Rome: Market Day

The morning we went to see the Vatican Museum was cool and gray. We took the subway from Termini to Cipro, then wandered a bit to find the Trionfale market. It's a big covered market full of good things, such as...

Fresh produce. A Roman specialty is fried zucchini flowers, stuffed with mozzarella and anchovy paste - you can see the blooms in this picture. There were also gorgeous blood oranges - so juicy and sweet! - and crisp apples to be had.

Farm fresh eggs! Along with honey and preserves, relishes and other yummy things.

Super fresh meat. I don't know how one can be Jewish and live in Rome - the place is full of all kinds of pork. Thousands of varieties of sausages, cuts, flavorings, smokings, etc.

We picked up some prosciutto - I'd never seen it cut fresh from the pig like this! Our butcher was good humored and posed - albeit goofily - for a picture.

Vats of wine - I wish I were a drinker, but I can't handle alcohol at all, especially wine.

After an exhausting trek through the Museum - it is vast and amazing and overwhelming - we sat down in St. Peter's square for our picnic lunch. It was fresh bread with prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella, and apples. Perfetto!

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Marian said...

Are those actual boars' heads at the meat stand? Cool. And slightly alarming :).

I'd been wondering where you were - glad to hear it was someplace so enjoyable!