Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goodbye to Germany for Now

Tomorrow I take off for Jerusalem, for about a month's intensive biblical Hebrew at Hebrew University. I can't wait to see and taste and smell and touch everything there - and to put pictures of it all on the blog. But here's a fond goodbye-for-now to Heidelberg (I'll be here for the next school year starting September).

I just love this garden above a pub. Someone really loves plants!

Cherry tomatoes on the vine at a market.

These are gooseberries, I believe (the German is Stachelbeeren which means "prickle berries").

I noticed these window shutter holders on the street - little knights' heads.

One of my favorite restaurants here: Die Kulturebrauerei. Always good food, always good beer.

This was last night's dinner at Kulturbrauerei: it's called Pfälzer Lieblingsgericht, or "the Palatinate's (an old name for the region) favorite dish." It consists of, in clockwise order starting with the mustard: mustard, boiled potatoes, blood sausage (Blutwurst), caramelized onions on sauerkraut, ground and fried liver (Leberknödel), liver sausage (Leberwurst), and some kind of ham charcuterie. It was delicious. The blood sausage was super rich, with actual bits of fat still solid inside. Decadent innards!

Die Kulturbrauerei's specialty, in terms of beer, is Kellerbier - brewed at a colder temperature, traditionally in the cellar, hence the name. It is rich and malty. Mmmmm.

Here is a view of the castle, which sits above the old city. This was taken, believe it or not, at around 9PM! It is still so light in the sky! I've never lived so far north - I love that in summer there is still light in the sky at 10:30PM.


Marianne said...

Not so sure about that blood sausage, but oh how I miss the streets of Germany and Switzerland!

Marian said...

Hi! I've been trying to send you an email (hotmail account) but it's been bounced back to me as undeliverable b/c the mailbox is full. ?? Do you have an alt email you could send me? If I can't write to a street address *or* email address I'm going to have to start using carrier pigeons or something :).

- Marian

Marianevans said...

Hey! I've been wondering where you've been! Another alternative -but it's weird that hotmail is acting strange - is yii-jan.singh at yale dot com.

Maybe I can make it out to Utah in August? I'm haven't planned further than Israel at the moment.