Monday, August 17, 2009

Jerusalem Souks: The Old City

I don't know why I'm running out of steam in terms of blogging...especially when I saw such beautiful things in Israel. Well, here are some of my favorite images from the souks in the Old City, on King David Street, the Christian Quarter Road, and in the Muristan.

Beautiful beads and brass lamps - I always think: well, I'll never wear it,
but could I justify buying a bunch just to look at?

Amazing antique and "junk" shops everywhere.

I was tempted to lie down here. Especially after a hot, sunny walk on the city walls.

Hebron glass! I would've bought out the shop, except how in the world to transport things?!

Sometimes I think, I want to fill my place will lamps and rugs... but then, is it weird? Will I be living in some sort of themed place that's not really me? I think this everytime I go somewhere with beautiful things. So, does one have an eclectic collection from around the world or go whole hog with one culture? I guess what one really needs is 10 homes scattered about the world.

And how much stuff is really too much? After moving and putting stuff in storage this last week the cenobitic life seems pretty good to me! Maybe it's enough just to see beautiful artifacts in context rather than continue to collect and consume.

This lamp looks pretty good in context. No need to take it back to Heidelberg!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Jerusalem Souks: Mahane Yehuda

As usual, I made sure to get to all the markets I could to look, smell, and taste! The biggest fresh produce market in Jerusalem is Mahane Yehuda, which is especially bustling on Friday before Shabbat begins at sundown.

Security is always on alert, of course.

Isn't this particular selection of kippas (yarmulkes) great? I think I'd want a Babar kippa, personally.

A crispy, syrupy fried sweet. Mmmmm.

Even your dog has a variety of snacks to choose from!