Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Heidelberger Herbst

That means "Heidelberg Autumn" - a festival that celebrated its 60th anniversary this last weekend. It was an interesting, and fun, mixture of Oktoberfest, Renaissance fairs, and flea markets.

That's the Oktoberfest part - or so I imagine. Guys dressed up
in traditional German dress and drinking at 10 in the morning!

There were also gingerbread houses (sort of) selling big gingerbread hearts
with cutsie sayings in frosting on them, e.g. "Du bist mein Stern" ("You are my star").
Ah yes, the Ren Fair folks.

Beautiful (and expensive!) armor for sale.

The best part of any festival, though, is the food!
I am all for roasting suckling pig!!

Kartoffelpuffer mit Apfelmus (potato pancakes with applesauce).

And lots and lots of beer. Drunk from terra cotta cups.

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