Monday, March 22, 2010

Making: Apple Tawashi

I stumbled upon a wonderful knit and crochet blog - it's now on my links list on the right of this page - Salihan Crafts.  On it there are some adorable amigurumi toys that I would love to try my hand at sometime in the future.

For the moment, since I am without immediate access to toy stuffing and the like, I decided to make the apple tawashi (dishcloth) instead.  It is a free pattern and you can find it here.  It really was an easy pattern, but clever and cute!  I'm not usually a crocheter, but I just looked up stitches and instructions at Lion Brand Yarn (great tutorial videos) and off I went.

The leaf I "designed" myself - that is to say, fooled around with the crochet hook until I was satisfied.  It went something like this:

sc2 dc3 tc2 dc3 sc2 on one side of the chain (the chain is the middle vein running through the leaf)
turn work
sc2 dc3 tc2 dc3 sc2 on the other side of the chain, so you have a symmetrical shape.  Ta-da!

Sew with tails onto both stem and apple body to make secure.

In the end, the tawashi was too big for a tawashi - I used an H hook and cotton yarn that was a bit thick.  I think it will exist instead as a pot holder for my sister.  Now to put it in the post to California...


VW said...

So cute! And I love your redesign! :)

Marianevans said...

Thanks... not sure where I'm going with this since I don't have a huge readership :) Just tinkering for fun and to procrastinate!

Johanna said...

Thanks for the leaf pattern! I'm going to use it for my version :) Yours looks great!