Monday, March 29, 2010

Making: Stella Slouchy Beret

Winter's over, but spring is chilly.  I don't want to look like too bundled up or ready to ski, so I knit Madelinetosh's Stella Hat, a slouchy beret.  It's a free pattern, knits up quickly, and very, very pleasing!

I did, however, use bigger needles than recommended (I used an 8 and 9 instead of a 6 and 8) to get gauge and because I have a big head.  I did 3 repeats but ended up with an enormous slouchy hat.  Like this:

 'Ey mon, give me some kibble!

I was either going to become Rastafarian or rip the thing back.  I finally did the hard thing and ripped it back to 2 repeats, finished it again, and was quite happy with it!

An easy pattern, keeps me warm, and stylish!  Raveled here.


Lucian said...

Looks great! You're amazing.

Marianevans said...

Thanks! And thanks for taking the photos ;)

Salihan said...

Your cat's face is just like my Olly's when I put stuff on his head/face/body. Not impressed at all! Haha... the pink suits it though! :) Cute beret! -