Monday, April 26, 2010

Making: Newly Arrived Luscious Yarn

Last spring, my friends E and D came down to New Haven and we all went to NYC together to go yarn and fabric shopping.  It was a fateful day.  Ever since then I have not stopped knitting, and the lust for yarn - soft, fuzzy, sleek, rough, hand-dyed, hand spun, tweed, all natural, what have you - has become a bit of a problem!

This is Madelinetosh tosh sock yarn in Black Currant.  Just look at all the colors!  But instead of making for ghastly and dizzying combination, the colors chosen give off exactly the shades one sees in nature: variegated but complementing each other just so.

So, I have four skeins from the Loopy Ewe (an incredible shop with incredibly snobby yarns) freshly delivered to me here in Heidelberg.  I have big plans for it, so stay tuned!

Third picture down is The Black Currants Are Ripening by LongInt57 at flickr; some rights reserved.

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