Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wandering: The Road Goes Ever On And On

Dusk at the Jesuitenkirche.

This is my last week in Heidelberg... I won't be flying back to the States for another week or so, but after this Friday I'll be traveling around, first to Munich and then to the UK, then back here to pack up and go.  I can't tell you how sad this makes me!  I never expected to live in Germany or to become so fond of it, but Heidelberg has really become home in the last year.  I will miss:

the view from my apartment onto the rooftops of the Altstadt and the hills of the Philosophenweg,

 peering into bakery windows to see what ridiculous pastries they're hawking,

 meeting friends for lunch in plazas,

wandering around on little trails,

pausing on the Old Bridge to look at distant hills and to wonder what lies beyond...

But aside from these things, I will miss the home this place has given me.  It really has been a haven after a very tough couple of years.  It has been an ideal place to study, think, explore, recover, and take delight in life and the world.


Lucian said...

I'll miss it too. I'm so glad you could spend this year in Heidelberg with me.

Siga said...

Oh, Heidelberg. I'm missing it too. Have you ever tried those Heidelberger Kugel? They sell them in Gundel bakery at University Square and at the other one near the Kornmarkt. They are delicious!

Marianevans said...

I love the Gundel! I've not only tried the Schlosskugeln but also the Pflasterstein...can't do these things incompletely, you know :)