Monday, May 30, 2005

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Of course you have pressed on the "Next Blog" function in the upper right hand corner, right? So, press it at least 10 times and I guarantee you will begin to feel insignificant, depressed, and meaningless. Well, if you're like me. How many of us are out there, mind-wanking and feeling just so unique and sparkly?

And then you come across a post like this: "I havn't felt truely happy in about two years, so I told my parents, and before you know it, i'm at a shrink's office. They put me on prozac or some shit. It takes the edge off of everything. Shit that pissed me off/made me sad doesn't touch me anymore. I just shrug it all off. So, that's pretty much all the shit that's happened lately. Oh, and I got turntables."

God help us.

Ironically, I'm up late trying to write what I'll be speaking on tomorrow to a group of college students, trying to show somehow that there is Someone Out There who makes us each unique and known and forgiven. I guess pressing the "Next Blog" button can either depress you or make it entirely convincing that there is Meaning, we're all reaching for it, and it does mean something to be a human being.

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Moltmannian said...

Depressing indeed. On a slightly different note, but similar vein, this post really cracked me up and depressed me all at once. It really captures the reality of the Xian life in a raw sort of way.