Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Amazing and Wonderful Gastronomic Adventure at TRU

Am staying up late so I can better digest (both literally and mentally/emotionally) the fantabulous dinner I experienced tonight at TRU with a group of good friends. Everything - from the art throughout the restaurant to the little seat for my purse to the aromatic cheese course - was invigorating and made for a giddy evening. The highlights:

The Gerhard Richter painting in the lobby.

The "flight" of caviar - truly amazing and awesome. Worth it just for this.

My friend's seafood tartar with a Siamese Fighting Fish in the bowl.

And, though I can't find an image for it, the "mosaic" formed by my Octopus Carpaccio - each round tentacle placed with exquisite care on Olive Vinaigrette to form a perfect circle. Beautiful.

My full menu (from Chef Tramonto's Collection):

Apple-Carrot Juice
Grand Amuse-Bouche (risotto, tuna tartar, heart of palm, cucumber soup)
Dry white wine (forget label) of Riesling and Sauvignon blend
Tramonto's Iranian Osetra and Golden Osetra Caviar Staircase
Octopus Carpaccio, Teardrop Tomatoes, Micro Arugula, Olive Vinaigrette
Hawaiian Foie Gras, Coconut Emulsion, Roasted Pineapple
Porcini Mushroom Cappuccino, Parmesan Tuile
Roasted Novia Scotia Halibut, Ragout of Morels & Baby Leeks, Beef Jus
Australian Beef Tenderloin, Braised Lettuce, Almonds, Red Wine Jus
Cheese Course of Fresh Chevre, Raisin Crusted Sweet Cheese, Spanish Hard Cheese
Sour Cherry Soup
Chocolate Molten Cake with Thyme Ice-Cream and Milk Pudding with Apple Chutney
Mignardises and Lollipops:

And THEN more truffles (Green Curry, Ginger, Passionfruit, etc. etc.) and then a take home mini package of Canneles (a tiny Bordeaux cake of vanilla and rum).

(In case you're wondering, we were given an envelope of our menus, printed out for us to keep and reflect on when we wax nostalgic for this evening, so, no, I do not have an impeccable memory - well, not THAT impeccable.)

We even got to tour the kitchen and watch the staging area, the pass, and the pastry chefs at work. Absolutely overwhelming.

Even better with wonderful and dear friends.


Victoria Winters said...

My God. What were you celebrating? That ain't yer typical Friday night supper at Chili's!!!

Gaunilo said...

Oh my god! Wow! I feel some gourmand envy here (quick, VW, we need to post our menu from Paris!).

There's a Gerhard Richter painting there? Straight out of Daydream Nation. At least, that's my point of reference.

Victoria Winters said...

I know, right!?

marianevans said...

This was our small group farewell dinner - all very surreal. My next goal is to eat at the French Laundry, after we've finished paying for this dinner :)

Victoria Winters said...

Is the French Laundry in Chicago? I thought it was in NY. When are we on for sushi - I sent an email about it.