Friday, June 17, 2005

It Can Be Done

A few years ago I learned of a boycott on Taco Bell because of its alliance with tomato producers that were exploiting and abusing farmworkers. I was totally surprised to hear on NPR today that the boycott has succeeded and Yum Foods (corporate coglomerate of Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC) has agreed to the demands of the farmworkers. We're talking small time farmworkers picking tomatoes in Florida! Very heartening.


Victoria Winters said...

That's great. I just wish the same progress would be made for coffee farmers. It pisses me off that Starbuck's carried fair trade coffee, but doesn't display it in their stores. UG!

Moltmannian said...

This shit is one of the single most exciting pieces of news as of late. It actually shines a ray of hope for the potential of the poor to resist the tyranny of capital. Globalization might actually be able to be mediated through justice. (I don't say it can be resisted, b/c that to me is poppycock and romanticism. But at least some of its negative effects can be muted.)