Tuesday, October 18, 2005

If You Had to Pick My Pie out of 1,000 to Save My Life and Other Idiosyncracies*

So, the story (mythos) goes like this: a princess (or goddess) and a commoner fall in love. Her father (or the commoner's nemesis) is furious, and imprisons the woman. He demands that the commoner pick out his love from a line of woman all identical to her or she will die. Somehow or other the hero discerns the true princess.

Why I have made this story a mini-ethos for my life I don't know. I do keep setting up preventive measures to ensure that I am chosen out of that line. Example: "Look at this pie-crust, M. Do you see how I make the steam holes? If you had to pick my pie crust out of 1,000 others so that I wouldn't die, could you? Could you?!?"

There are variations on this. "You know I don't like coffee ice cream, right? What would you do if I started eating coffee ice cream? That's right, shoot me in the head." (A la Sydney vs. Francie.)

A more distant extrapolation of this is: I am eating a crumbly pastry. I do not want crumbs on the the floor. I think, What if I were in a situation in which dropping a single crumb on the floor would mean death? Could I eat this pastry without dropping a single crumb?

*Tagged by Gaunilo to ponder my idiosyncracies. He said 5, but I think you are all backing away after just one.


Moltmannian said...

When SD-6 or the Covenant (or Cohvenant) moves in and establishes the test, I'll be prepared.

noirah said...

ME, I totally feel ya on this. I've been meaning to pick a secret word with MET in case my body is ever taken over by aliens. Oh and I spend way too much time trying to nail down my death row last meal. Like if I said pizza or dim sum would I be able to pick the place? If not, it's totally not worth the risk. And wouldn't this be a good opportunity to have fettuccine alfredo and bread pudding since there wouldn't be any morning after guilt? And is there a cap on the price? Can I get French Laundry take out or have something flown in from Paris? I just don't want to blow such an important decision. Must be nice to be MET... fried chicken or bust.