Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Secret of My Success

Here, Cassius is explaining to me why early Christian and Gnostic apocalyptic writings had less in common than commonly held. And he is demanding a by-line in all papers that I publish.

Resting (on the radiator) after expounding on the shortcomings of my Statement of Purpose.

M and I thought that to list all the things this guy has eaten in the last 3 or so years he's lived with us would provide fascinating insights into his psyche. Here, in alphabetical order, is the list:

Bean paste, red
Bone meal, for gardening

Cat food, dry & wet
Cat food, Marlowe's
Chicken, roasted, left unattended by downstairs neighbor during his dinner party
Cookie, Verona, Pepperidge Farm
Cuttle fish, dried
Gnocchi, potato
Grease, bacon
Pancakes, tops of
Paper, napkin
Paper, photocopy, academic articles
Paper, tissue
Paper, toilet
Pumpkin, pureed
Rubber bands
Salmon skin
Sponge bread, Chinese, steamed
Tapioca balls, uncooked
Twisty ties

(Of course you know we did not feed him all these things.)


Victoria Winters said...

ha ha ha! He's a regular goat! Are you sure

tin, cans

isn't on the list!? :)

Moltmannian said...

If we do a list for his brother, some other pretty amazing things will be on there; not tin cans, but close. I've referred to him as a goat before.

BrainSyke said...

ha..interesteing!.. thats a very helathy menu:-)