Friday, January 06, 2006

Art Moments

This is my 47th post!

In the last several weeks, I had the opportunity to visit multiple museums. So, I thought I'd kick off the new year with some pictures.

I found this at the Harvard Sackler Museum, which I thought was fitting since I had just finished discussing masculinity with several faculty in the area:

Also at the Sackler I found some ancient Chinese metalwork that, to me, look incredibly Celtic. The two dragons are from Sackler. The tiger is also Chinese, from the Art Institute:

These look so different from more recent (i.e. within the last 500 years) renditions of Chinese dragons and tigers - those that look much like these Japanese versions (also from Sackler):

I'll end with some of the glass plants from the collection at the Harvard Museum of Natural History - and, yes, ALL parts of each plant in the collection are made from glass. They're beautiful, and the photos below don't come close to doing them justice.


myevilterran said...

Regarding 47...I'm having a sneaking suspicion that someone writing for the TV show "The West Wing" used to go to Pomona. It comes up a surprising amount of times. Maybe it's the same guy that worked for Star Trek.

Moltmannian said...

Yeah, s/he's on Alias too. They're everywhere...

pheromone cologne said...

where can i get more info?