Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Taiwan/Hong Kong/China Represent

I remember in 2001, Julia Roberts presented the Oscar for Cinematography to Peter Pau of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - who proceeded to rattle off a million names in Chinese and then raised his statuette with a resounding "Xie xie!" What a brilliant contrast to Roberts - to me, so representative of White Hollywood, home of feel good liberals who pat themselves on the back for being "radical" but have No Idea.

What a marvel Ang Lee is to me. Raised in Taiwan, yet disillusioned with the Nationalist party. Conscious of his minority status, yet a class act in every way as he deftly handles Jane Austen and Annie Proulx. Hailing from a culture with conservative sexual mores but more than willing to cross the line. Self-exiled through his refusal of passionate nationalism - but making a political statement at the Golden Globes last night by hailing Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China in one breath - in a salutation that all three can understand: "Xing Nian Kwai Luh!"

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noirah said...

All class, all the time.