Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fifth Year Anniversary Traditional Gift: Wood(s)

It's our five year! Our gift to ourselves: the walking holiday across England. We leave on Tuesday - and plan to post an online diary when we get back.

By that time we'll be saying/writing things like "holiday" (see, I already did it), "shoppe," "queue," and "one" - as in, "one does get tired after walking 192 miles, doesn't one?"

See you when we're back.


noirah said...

Woo hoo! Happy Anniversary!!! We leave on Tuesday for Hawaii. We're celebrating three years. The traditional gift is leather and we're thinking about trying for kid number two. How perfect is that? :-)

Have a brilliant trip. Walk your bloody bums off.

Cheers, laters, and Aloha 'oe! A hui hou kakou.

Victoria Winters said...

Oh you guys! Have a glorious time and be safe!!! Who's taking care of the kids? Are they adjusting? Love ya!

hap said...

Happy anniversary and happy travels! See you when you get back! :)

Anonymous said...

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