Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ruddy Brilliant

We're back! - and already missing the English countryside. As Wainwright said, he ended the Pennine Way Walk with relief, but the Coast to Coast Walk with regret. In many ways I regret I ever left the Lake District - even after 192 (or closer to 200) miles of climbing and trekking.

We'll be putting up our travel notes and pictures and funny incidents (the British are mad, mad I tell you!) on our other page soon. But for now:

Grisedale Tarn - far far away from the madding crowd.
And, almost even better:


Victoria Winters said...

Hey guys! SO glad to hear you're back safely and, wow, that picture is amazing (of you in the country, that is). Can't wait to read and see more!! :)

How are the children doing and who took care of them?

hap said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to read about the trip. Both pictures are tantalizingly teasing.

Gaunilo said...

Wow, forget marathon training. That picture alone makes me want to go England.

Welcome back.

marianevans said...

We're still recovering! As for the children, we had a friend come by and then a pet sitter (for when friend was out of town). The pet sitter was excellent! She spent about an hour with them each time and wrote a little log/diary for us to read on our return - never heard of this before.