Friday, July 07, 2006


Enough about moving and life changes and all that. I must take a moment to obsess about Studio Numen. If you look at their rings, you'll find objets that epitomize what I love: little, strange, beautiful, unique, and non-functional things with a touch of fairyland/the ancient world. I wonder how much one is... Here is the "DaVinci Towers":

In a similar vein, but with a different medium, is Jamie Zollars. I found out about her art when a friend gave me one of her postcards. Now I am eagerly awaiting her online store - so I can buy art that will warp my future children! This is the postcard I received, titled "Tengu" - Tengu, do you know why this is? I don't see any Japanese spirits on this one - but don't you love the demonic looking pink bunny?

Finally, my sister has a book on HeQi and I recently saw a showing of his at my future alma mater. He's an extraordinary Chinese artist with a vision for re-casting the Christian faith so that it is no longer Euro-centric but newly realized in Asian cultures. Here's his painting of Paul on the road to Damascus: I love that Paul is depicted as a traditional Chinese warrior.

That's all for now. Hope you've enjoyed this art pause.


Tengu said...

The bird like creature carrying the child is the tengu. Tengu are humanoids with bird-like features (the amount of feature is up to the whim of the artist) protrayed as often as being good as being being evil. They were often blamed for missing children.

marianevans said...

I suppose I could have googled that first. So...the next question is: why is tengu your screen name?

Tengu said...

Wikipedia has a detailed description of tengu. So does this page.

Why tengu? It was short to spell. It was obscure. BTW, one source says there are birdlike tengu(evil) and longnosed tengu(good). I was probably more familiar with the longnose one when I picked the name. They are hermitlike, mischevious, and skilled at swords. The similarity to Cyrano was plus. Maybe I'll use Tanuki next time. ^_^

marianevans said...

I don't know about could be implying largesse in a particular area...of course, that could be your purpose. [Digging own grave to stop here]

Anonymous said...

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