Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Proud, New, Tired Owners

At last, after what seemed like endless trials, we own a home!! Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but it's been a lot of work. We've spent the last week cleaning up and painting. Some tips for current and future homeowners: please don't do anything half-assed or downright stupid! For example, don't:

1) glue lattice onto your living room wall
2) put up wallpaper - over older wallpaper that's been painted over (#$@%^#@^!!!??)
3) install a TV in the wall - especially one from the 1970's
4) repair a hole in the wall by taping a piece of cardboard over it (what the...?)
5) have a light switch in the bedroom that causes lightning to shoot from the overhead lights (this is not a joke - if the glass light-fixture cover hadn't been there, I could be without hair right now)

Some images from our week: Here we are, so eager to begin...

and then...
This pretty much sums up our feelings after a few hours, days, of literal blood, sweat, and tears. Notice the even more hideous wallpaper behind me that I uncovered. There's nothing like getting a borderline OCD person covered in wallpaper paste on a wet tarp. Not a good thing.

But, finally, we did accomplish our goals. Here's Molt, enjoying the fruit of his labors in the living room:
And isn't this better than my archaeological wallpaper discovery:
Come visit us please!


Victoria Winters said...

Oh wow. Lots of work, but you're doing great by doing it all ahead of time! Good job! When is the big move date?

noirah said...

Congratulations! It looks fabulous!!! I really dig the paint and that archway. It screams, "Hip young intellectuals contemplating baby!" I love it!

marianevans said...

The big move date is July 15th! Hopefully, our rental truck won't break down on us somewhere in Pennsylvania...

hap said...

Congrats! Soon, you'll forget about all the blood and just love your fabulous home.

I'm totally taking you up on that offer for a visit!