Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pumpkin Mousse & Before/After

I think I secretly want to be a food stylist.

And, because I finally have a little time, here are some before & after pictures of our home. All the painting, drywalling, etc. was done before the school year began, of course.

Before of the bathroom - note the eighties wallpaper. It was also on the door!

After: We couldn't change as much as we'd like in the bathroom, not having the budget to re-tile and all, but we did manage to get rid of the wallpaper.

Now here are some dramatic changes. Before of the basement: check out the plush, green-vinyl bar! Even the moving guys had snide comments to make about this ("party room!!").

After: amazing what a coat of paint can do. We still have the bar and stools, having not had the chance to burn them yet.

Also before in the basement: that built in TV is made in 1949! I think I'm going to sell it on eBay sometime.

After: this is really due to M's sweat and tears - pulling out the crap and putting up drywall, spackling, etc.

Too bad we don't spend any time down here as it's our "fun room" and we do nothing fun!!! Oh well, Christmas is a-coming soon.


victoria winters said...

Love it! Good work, guys. :)

hap said...

If you set a date for the burning of the bar and stools, I will come! :)