Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What do Peter Sagal, Totoro, and Derrida Have in Common?

They're all on the SF Chronicle's Sexiest Fictional/Dead/Alive Men List.

This actually made me look up Peter Sagal's picture. I was surprised. I expected a spry, sarcastic looking young man. Well, he's spry and sarcastic looking.

And Totoro? Do you really want to go there? Here's his entry:

Totoro (animated forest spirit, Hayao Miyazaki's "My Neighbor Totoro"): He's not really a man; he's more a giant, furry Blob of Cute, but he can fly. He belongs in the sky. We could belong to each other.

As for Derrida, not really my taste. Although I've always found this rendition of him hilarious:

Foucault, I think, was much hotter. In a Nosferatu sort of way. How could he be left out when Edward Said made the cut?


Molt said...

I'm working on the Foucault thing. Soon enough.

Peter Sagal said...

Hey, I'm younger than George Clooney, what do you want?

marianevans said...

Well I didn't say it was a bad thing. Some things improve with age...but you're no Carl Kasell.

victoria winters said...

Don't worry Molt, so is Huz. ;0)

hap said...

Last night, I went to a We Are Scientists concert and met up with M. Tapper afterwards. It was incredibly funny to watch 2-not yet 21 year olds and 2-just barely 21 year olds follow him around for about an hour. HAHAHA!

Hey, good luck with finals or whatever it is you have at this time of year. :)