Friday, December 15, 2006

Comfort & Joy

Ego exam Latinam modo confeci! Just two more to go (one of which is a 3-day deal, but never mind). This will be a therapeutic pictoral blog, of the world I would love to inhabit always. But I am lucky enough to inhabit it now, from time to time.

Who is this? This is Marlowe. He likes to sleep under things.
He is special.

Our working (sort of) fireplace!

My best apple pie to date.

Here we're off to our friends' Winter Ball - a real ball! With dance cards! And waltzing! And cream puffs! I wish we really could have taken a carriage there.

A Very Merry Christmas to all. I won't be posting again soon - but tune in later for pictures from Taiwan and Thailand!


victoria winters said...

Taiwan and Thailand! Wha!? You guys are so freaking lucky to travel so much! And what's a dance card?

hap said...

You guys are lovely.
Perhaps I will see you at the airport. Merry Christmas!

marianevans said...

Hap: Merry Christmas back! When are you in China?

VW: I know, my parents rock.
And a dance card is something a lady would wear attached to her wrist (e.g. on a bracelet) to a ball so gentlemen could write their names down for a dance. I have no idea how the guys remembered who they put their names down for.