Monday, January 15, 2007

Around the World in 24 Days

We're back! I thought I'd post some pictures now before I get too mired down in work to do any posting at all. Thank goodness we have today before diving back into classes tomorrow! Here are some numbers for the last 24 days:

3 countries
8 planes
4 sick people in our party
3 new fruits (rambutan and dragon fruit, custard apple - new to Molt)

In a nutshell, here was our itinerary for our break:

Modesto, CA with Molt's dad's family

Reno, NV with Molt's mom's family - on her lovely ranch

Tour of Taiwan with my mom, her twin, and my sister - here we're riding bicycles in the countryside. Don't you love the straw hats?

Tour of Thailand - Bangkok and Pattaya. Molt is posing here in the Bangkok Royal Palace. Those Thais do lurve their king.

I have lots and lots of thoughts and photos, but more later.


victoria winters said...

Sounds like a whirl wind. Glad you're back safely.

hap said...

Let us commiserate and share photos!