Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So Your Tiny Black Heart Is Broken

Back on Valentine's Day I found this article on NPR. Somehow it suits my mood today. Go and have a listen, if you need to be pulled down into a whirlpool of dark, pathetic thoughts.

"These five songs - all great, all released in the past five years - are for those wishing to wallow in the holiday's sheer, soul-wrecking brutality. Each is carefully selected to provide a vivid soundtrack for those moments when alcohol isn't even necessary, so drunk is the listener on his or her own misery. Enjoy!" - Stephen Thompson


Lucian said...

I think that track "Leave" is the best of the bunch, though the orchestration that begins half-way into it spoils it somewhat for me.

marianevans said...

I just went to listen to "Leave." I see what you mean. I also now regret listening, since it's just too sad.