Sunday, July 27, 2008

Of Pan Au Lait & Pizza

Two things seem bound for a head-on collision in my life: my love of baking and my desire to eat healthfully (i.e. with fewer carbs). It doesn't help that Pan au Lait, from which sugary danishes and rolls can be crafted, is wickedly easy to make.

The cheese danishes are especially heavenly right out of the oven. Is it wrong to eat two breakfast pastries every day? What if I made them? That expends some calories, right?

I've also taken to making pizza dough - also very easy and, better yet, freezable so that I can thaw a ball of dough for dinner whenever and throw whatever I want on it. Sometimes this can lead to a bit of madness, like when I decided to use everything in the fridge on one the other night.

So, here we have onions, green peppers, yellow summer squash, garlic, tomatoes, chicken, and two kinds of cheese: Irish white cheddar and something I like to call Sicilian ass cheese, much to the chagrin of my dining companion. At least I'm getting my 5 servings a day of vegetables in one slice!

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Lucian said...

Both the pastries and the pizza were absolutely delicious. "Ass cheese..." bah!