Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Serious Case of the Pretties

Today I bought Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette - not because I think it's great film (although it is fun to watch) but because it is so so tooth-achingly pretty!

And although Kirsten Dunst gets to wear the most amazing gowns, what I love even more than all the feathers and lace and silk shoes are the beautiful French pastries. Especially the multi-colored macarons. I don't even love the taste of macarons, and yet I have hunted them down all over the net and calculated making them over and over again because...well, because they're pretty!!!

I also stumbled upon the website TheFrock.com, where the most amazing Victorian and Edwardian and Flapper frocks can be found. Why don't we dress this fabulously anymore?

Can't you just imagine stepping out of a carriage, with this little ensemble? You're on your way to the opera, one hand on the arm of your beloved, the other grasping your diamond- encrusted lorgnette. Your name might as well be Baroness Orczy.

The thing is, you can PURCHASE these frocks! I mean, they might cost you a pretty penny - around $2-5K - but it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Okay, maybe they are. But a girl can dream, right? Never mind the fact that I will have no occasion to wear these things. That never stopped a true lover of the Pretty.

But, in the order of actual prettiness one can buy, my first full bottle of perfume arrived today. I wish I could say it were a Serge Lutens exclusive fragrance, in a bell jar, or - better yet - a bottle of Amouage Gold. Those darned bottles are made out of 24% lead crystal and gold! Sigh...

No, no. It was something much more down to earth: Sarah Jessica Parker's Covet. I heard it was being discontinued and, since I seem to be one of the only people who find it a wearable scent, I quickly snatched up a bottle of it from eBay. On me I smell citrus and lavender, followed by chocolate and musk. The musk lingers for a nice long time, and it is one of the first perfumes that I experienced that mmmmmm with when I smelled it on my jacket a few days later. So, yes, today I have had quite an attack of the pretties. Can't anyone else relate?


Anonymous said...

I've never had a macaron that I remember, but I don't think I'd want to eat it just because so much work went into making it look good. It should be sprayed with preservative and put on display :).

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was me, logged out - Marian

marianevans said...

Yes - they are just about that pretty. Sometimes I'm more interested in the making process than in the eating process. Not often, though :)

Lucian said...

Kirsten Dunst's hair was definitely a treat in Marie Antoinette, rising to such improbable heights! The parade of decadent living, though enticing to the eye, also made for a rather slow film. So much was happening at the time, but we got hardly a glimpse of it until the peasants stormed Versailles itself.