Friday, August 08, 2008

Happy 08/08/08!

Eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture because " bā " (八) sounds like " fā " () the word for becoming prosperous. Besides being an auspicious day for opening the Olympic games, today is also my sister's birthday!

I, however, have an unlucky Chinese number in my birthdate: Four, which is " " (四) sounds like " " (死), the word for death. Yay! Well, it's kinda cool, in a goth way.

Anyway, happy most auspicious day ever! I plan on watching the opening ceremonies tonight and maybe eating some " bā bǎo fàn(八寶飯) or Eight Treasure Rice. It is my favoritest Chinese dessert .

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm - does Daniel get lucky points for being born in the eighth month? My birthday is 4/24, so I'm right there with you on the goth birthday - even according to Western culture, as it happens! 4/24 is St. Mark's Eve; traditionally, if you want to find who's going to die during the coming year, you go to the church at midnight on St. Mark's Eve and you'll see a ghostly parade of the people who are going to depart this vale of tears before the next St. Mark's Eve. I think that explains my love of creepy fiction as well as anything does.

- Marian