Monday, July 20, 2009

Dinner at La Guta

La Guta is a French Moroccan restaurant in Jerusalem, on a quiet street in the German Colony. My roommate, Susan, and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice night out last week - after all, our dorm rooms look like hospital rooms!

It was an amazing place. See below!

Goose liver with chocolate sauce on Belgian waffle. I know, sounds weird, but divine!

Compliments of the chef: red bell pepper canapé.

The climax of the meal: duck confit. You can't go wrong with duck confit.

We shared a dessert - chocolate volcano with vanilla ice-cream and strawberry confit. I think I was too excited to take a picture! The strawberry confit was my favorite thing the whole evening - it tasted of caramelized strawberries. So luscious.

Stay tuned :)

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Marian said...

You know, there's a place out here that does only Belgian waffles, I'll have to see if they do it with goose liver (seriously. It's such a weird-sounding combo that I MUST try it!)

We got your postcard, BTW - thank you! I love the Dead Sea picture - any chance you'll be coming out next month to see our own salt lake? (Not totally dead - it has brine shrimp - but still salty enough to produce those weird things that look like ice floes but are actually just giant salt patches).