Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wandering: Der Philosophenweg im Frühling (The Philosophers' Way in Spring)

Across the river and up, up, up the Schlangenweg (Snake Path) is the Philosophenweg.  I've wandered upon it many times these past few weeks.  Somehow I find myself chancing upon epiphanies and new ideas when I hike this path, even though I've taken to it to "get away" and clear my head.  I suppose it is aptly named and it works a type of enchantment with its meandering curves.

Now, in the early spring, the path seems especially enchanted.  Yesterday afternoon, with the sun reaching in through the bright green canopy, whispers seemed to swirl around me, and little movements in the undergrowth quickened as I approached and then grew silent.
 Across the valley, most trees are still quiet and sleeping, but a battalion of pines marches down the slope.

Once I see these pleading branches above me, I know that my walk is almost over.  Then I take the sloping path down to Haarlass, then back along the Neckar River, across the Old Bridge, and back into my study.  But I'm not quite sure that the enchantment doesn't last for a few hours more, ebbing away slowly while I go about the rest of my day.


VW said...

Beautiful words and photos! Wish I was there!

Marianevans said...

You could hoop through the Philosophenweg!

VW said...

I'd hoop there ANY day! :)