Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wandering: A Walk to the Castle

You can either take the tram or hike up the hillside to ramble around the ruins of the Heidelberg Castle (blown up by the French in 1689).  It's easier to take the tram - but then you would miss sights like the one above . . .

. . . and a miniature landscape of moss on the steps up.

The old clock tower at the gates of the castle.

Here's a larger view of our beloved town, looking down from the castle walls.  
Our apartment is about a couple buildings to the left of those twin spires in front of the bridge.

There's a large expanse of park grounds on the plateau of land next to the castle.  I am waiting for warmer weather to come up here with my knitting and a book or two.  Or three or four, depending on how far I am studying for exams!  Speaking of which, I must now be off to study.


Diana said...

Why haven't I come to visit you yet??

Marianevans said...

I know, right?!