Monday, May 17, 2010


Soon I will be one of these picnickers, lounging on the banks of the Neckar and enjoying some sunshine.  The next three weeks, however, are crunch time for me.  I have my general comprehensive exam coming up - first a 6-hour written exam followed up by an oral defense of that in front of my faculty.  I'm facing this exam with a bit more equanimity than my Greek exam, which I took this last January.  After all, this will be in English, and there's much more leeway to argue about what I've said than when translating passages.

Still, it's tough going at times, and my thinking sometimes feels like that canoe: not quite going with the current and feeling the drag of sluggishness and confusion.  Still!  Three more weeks and I'll be off!  Never mind the next hoop, waiting for me in the Fall.  I'll have several weeks of glorious nothing.  Actually, a lot more than nothing.  Travel, family, sunshine, knitting, sniffing, tasting.  Given, of course, that I pass!  But I'm vowing to stay confident and cheerful to the bitter end.

And then it will be smooth sailing.  Till then, I must say ta-ta-for-now.


Mamadou said...

You can do it!

VW said...

Good luck, girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I hope you're enjoying yourself! I just wanted to let you know that I've just nominated you for the beautiful blogger award over at my place : )

Marianevans said...

Thanks, fridica! I´m traveling but I´ll be back soon, and I´m honored!