Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interruption: Fraud and Moving

To all my Yale friends and to anyone living in CT and thinking of hiring movers: do NOT hire Connecticut Movers, run by Joshua Banks with the telephone 203.516.1010.  They are a FRAUD.

I called to hire movers and was told, by Josh, that they would be available on-call for me when I was ready to unload my truck.  The day of the move, with full truck on its way to the house I was unloading at, I called Josh.  He told me that the movers were on their way and he would call to check their ETA.

That was the last I heard from him.

No movers EVER showed up.

Josh turned off his cell phone so that I went straight to voice mail.

This is the web site so you can identify them:


 I intend to contact the Better Business Bureau and the CT Department of Consumer Protection, but I'm posting this here in hopes that google searchers looking for a mover will see this and be warned.


Anonymous said...

This is Joshua Banks from Connecticut Movers. Please contact me via email at ctmovinghelp@yahoo.com. I see from your blog you are a religious studies major as well as a very peaceful person. I get from your blog that you are indeed understanding and hope we can do something to settle this dispute. You and I seem to have some of the same interests. I am sorry that this was such an inconvenience for you but I assure you that this can't be the whole story. Please contact me and let's settle this please. We would love to settle this dispute somehow, it was over a year ago.

Q said...

Joshua Banks is entirely untrustworthy and unethical.

Joshua was hired by myself in October of 2011. He agreed, by contract, to complete a move from Windsor, CT to Portland, OR for the amount of $5500. He asked for a deposit of half the amount upon signing the contract in early October. Later he stated that Budget rental company needed a larger deposit to secure the truck. The remainder of the contract was paid in full on October 14th, 2011.

While on the road trip from CT to OR, Joshua contacted me stating that he had underestimated the moving cost and had no more money left for fuel. He stated that $1300 would be enough to make the rest of the trip. An additional written contract was written and signed by Joshua to pay the $1300, plus MoneyGram fees, and an interest of 15%, as this money was being sent as a loan. Joshua did not have any credit card or other means of payment despite being a business. Joshua called again mid trip claiming he was again out of money for fuel. An additional $1500 was sent under the same conditions as before.

Joshua then called a third time stating that the truck had been seized by U-haul (despite him saying he was using Budget before). After some investigation, Joshua had signed a contract for a LOCAL move and U-haul reported the truck as stolen, and was there fore seized. U-haul would not release the contents of the truck with out a $2000 payment and Joshua signing a promissory note to pay Uhaul for a 3000 mile trip under a local rate. Joshua, again, was unable to pay and I subsequently did.

Joshua, in contract, agreed to pay the funds back and agreed to make weekly payments. To this date, no payments have been made of any kind. At the end, over $11,000 was spent to move across country, with terrible stress, and completely exhausting cash reserves put aside to spent on living expenses upon arriving in Portland. Joshua is of the lowest class and should NOT be trusted with anything.


The Attorney General has been contacted in regards to his business dealings.