Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"Actually, It's 'Cyclist' Not 'Biker'"

A cyclist told me that once. So, I suppose I'm a cyclist now. No, I just bike to work. But here are some questions and observations I've made as I've biked:

1) Zoning out. Seems requisite with any form of travel: car, train, now bike. I thought, when I started, that I would always be alert. Now I can find myself at home without remembering the ride at all.

2) Bike lanes are another luxury I left behind in the Bay Area. Given that I'm not supposed to bike on the sidewalks, I have a brush with death every 2 days.

3) How the heck am I supposed to stay warm? and dry? And how long can I hold out? Should I brave snow? Ice?

4) Since fashion trends have shifted towards bootleg cuts and flare pantlegs, how do I keep from snagging on my bike chain? Without being a dork?

5) Someday I'm going to run over a squirrel or have one caught in the spokes of my wheel. Those little buggers need to learn how to cross a street properly, without doubling back last minute.


hap said...

Just ride on the sidewalk anyways. That's what they do here in Beantown. Pedestrians are totally on the bottom of the food chain here.

noirah said...

Too bad about the name thing. "Cyclist bar" and "Cyclist chick" don't really have the same ring to them.

Tengu said...

"biker" usually refers to a motorcyclist.

noirah said...

Yeah... and by using "cyclist" you avoid the fun confusion.

noirah said...

I think you should prove to those biker types that cyclists are no joke. You need a tattoo of a scantly clad Moltmannian that flexes when you do.

marianevans said...

yes, thanks, tengu, i got that. and are you pregnant noirah?!

noirah said...

No no no! Old photo. I need a little more time before we go down that road again.

Gaunilo said...

Yes, you get into trouble real quick by calling a cyclist a 'biker.' And I do have to say, you're taking your life in your hands where you live, so wear a helmet at least (helmet hair is the new black).

As for the pantlegs, that's a tough call, fashion-wise. A lot of people get a strap or band that binds around their pant leg to keep it from getting in the chain - but it looks kind of dorky. Unless you've really got style, then it can look ironic. Or you could be cool and get a whole cycling outfit and change at work.

And if Moltmannian accelerates for pigeons, maybe you should for squirrels. Seriously, they really do need to learn to cross the street.