Saturday, September 23, 2006

Stoic Cookery

"As for the pig, that most appetizing of delicacies, it was created for no other purpose than slaughter, and god, in furnishing our cuisine, mixed soul in with its flesh like salt."

- Porphyry, On abstinence 3.20.I, 3
Mmmmm. Bacon. Ahlrarhahlrahrarlhlll.


hap said...

Are you around next weekend? We have a long weekend, and homework pileup be damned, I want to come down for a visit!

I can't believe this is the medium I'm choosing to communicate in. I'd send smoke signals, but I can't get a fire started in this rain.

marianevans said...

Yes! You're talking about this weekend (6,7,8) right?

This is like communicating through our "plans" - remember plans in PINE mail? tee hee. Send us an email.

hap said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Let's celebrate this weekend!!

Oh, I never got the "Plans" in Pine. I could only send and receive email. Didn't know how to even download an attachment!