Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wandering: Taiwan, Jade and Flower Markets

"Ping Pong" flowers at the flower market.

We spent one Saturday morning in Taipei at the Jade and Flower Markets, located on Jianguo South Road.  I was in heaven: the flower market offered the fragrant, the unusual, the edible, and the beautiful.  If only I lived near a market like this!  In a metropolitan Taipei, residents create virtual jungles and gardens on their high-rise balconies.  And with this market, any garden is possible.

Grow your own pine bonsai.

Enormous dahlias, miniature lemon (?) trees.

Ceramic flower frogs and bowls for flower arranging.

Potted bushes and artful trees - some of them enormous!

The jade market adjoins the flower market so that you can walk from a lush garden into a tinkling cave of gems and crystals.  Not only can you buy jade at the market, but also jewels and pearls, strings of beads and antique carvings.  It is a fabulous place.

Carved pendants, bowls, even whole tea sets of jade
- hey, I spot jade mooncakes on the plate by the teapot on the tray!

A beautiful and delicate antique jade bowl.

Crystals pendants and bobbles.
Turquoise bracelets and beads, polished to a high shine.

A curious antique jade carving.


Lucian said...

"Flower frog"? I thought that think was a pencil holder! Great pictures!

Marianevans said...

Well, I suppose it could work as a pencil holder, or toothbrush holder - I think Martha actually makes that suggestion in an article somewhere. Don't know why it's called a frog... Wiki is proving very uninformative. Will have to wait until Martha published a full article on the history of the flower frog.